She Lives Again

Last week, while listening to Music Choice on cable TV, I heard a song that caught my attention. I didn’t recognize the voice. I was so captivated by the song I had to see who the artist was. Well, without saying who it was, as that is too private right now, I had to find out more about the artist and hear more of his music. I discovered several of his songs online and they all touched my soul in a deep place that had never been touched before. They hit an area of my soul that has been lost to me for a very long time. For so long, I’ve kept my inner feelings locked up in a deep, dark dungeon. It’d been so long since I’d visited that place that not only had I lost the key, but I’d lost the directions. I couldn’t even picture what love was like in my mind anymore. I was dead inside – only pain and sorrow existed. A dark shadow, a vague memory of what it was like to loose what once I thought was love. I tried looking for it a couple times throughout the years, but the search was too hard and the desire wasn’t strong enough, so I gave up shortly after the search began. No one ever came along to stir my soul. I’d lost hope. I no longer even bothered searching. So I’d been alone and waiting. Waiting for someone to come along and awaken my spirit. To breath life back into my dead soul, for no life existed there anymore.

Since listening to his songs, I have not been able to get them out of my mind. I found three songs online and listened to them over and over and over. They are captivating for their deep felt sincerity and expressive imagery. They say what every woman wishes a man would feel. We can all relate to the sentiments. Even while listening to other songs on the radio, his songs resonate in my mind. Not just one song, but I bounce from one to the other, each touching a new part of me. The music is simple… no, that’s not the right word… well, it’s brilliant whatever it is. The melodies rock you ever so gently as if being cradled in the security of a lover’s warm embrace. And his voice… pure sincerity… mmmm, like no other.

I’d found his videos online, too. Good videos… for the most part, they support the music. Not like some where you wonder where the hell they came up with that! I could watch those over and over too, except they keep crashing my computer for some reason. Oh well, doesn’t matter. Listening to the music is perfect for me. Although looking at him sure does add… hmmm, well it’s good.

For the first time… ever, I think, I went out as soon as I could and bought his CD. Oh, I’ve bought other CDs before, but only because I liked the type of music or the group in general. I’ve never been so obsessed with an entire collection of songs or a specific artist before. I wanted to hear all his songs, not just those I’d heard online. I wanted more! I still want more! I can’t get enough! I can’t wait till he releases more! I’m sad that I won’t be able to see him on tour. He isn’t coming anywhere even remotely close to my state. Oh well. He’ll be around for a while. He’s going to go far. He’s going to be one of the big ones. He’s young and has so much more to say. And we’ll all be here eagerly waiting to hear what he’ll say next.

Another first was me visiting his website. Nice website, btw. I actually registered with the bulletin board. The only bulletin boards I’ve ever registered with before were with coding sites or art communities (I’m an artist… ooo, a little personal tidbit there!) I actually even posted a post to him in a thread that he supposedly reads. I doubt he has time to do that anymore though. He’s skyrocketing right now. I’m sure he barely has time to sleep, and do the 3 S’s. So, if anything, he’s probably only informed that there are lots of posts to him on the board.

You know, I have always made fun whenever I’ve seen footage of girls crying, screaming and fainting over the likes of Elvis or the Beatles. But, I think I probably would cry if I were to see him in concert. His songs just touch me so deeply. And this amazes me! It’s actually kind of embarrassing, as I’m not a young girl anymore. Not even remotely. But, his songs have made me feel young again. They have awoken me deep inside and have helped me to unlock those long hidden emotions. They have brought hope back into my life. Hope that love is somewhere out there for me.

Well, I think that’s all I’ll say on the topic for right now. Please excuse this post. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and I’m a bit rusty. The words just aren’t flowing the way I’d like them to. I’ll probably end up editing this after I think of more expressive ways to say how I feel.

I’m going to end with… Thank you, my dearest singer/songwriter for bringing light back into my life. You’ve healed my soul. I’ll never forget this… ever.


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