Editorial to original posting: I’m writing an editorial to my own post! I don’t want to delete the entry as it was my impression from what I saw on JKL, so it’s real and honest and… it was. I think it points out how critics might see JB if they take his performance at face value. I’m a devoted fan and I had these impressions, so I can only imagine how his critics could rip the performance apart. I already wrote a post flogging myself for this one, but I wanted to write a little editorial within this post too, just in case someone read them out of order.

I’ve been scouring the Internet again tonight… something that’s now become a daily routine (she blushes, shyly)… and have found a few videos of his live performances. JB… you are a great performer! I can not wait until I have the opportunity… the pleasure… nay, the honor to see you live and in person. I just hope that it’s not in some huge forum with thousands of other screaming women! I’d like to be able to see you in a smaller venue… which is where I think you shine brightest! However, I fear that will never happen. By the time you come close enough for me to see you, you’ll be too big and ALL of America will know who you are! Wish I could keep you to myself! But alas, that is not fated to be… you shine too bright to be bottled up like that…



Well, I saw my little singer/songwriter last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live (the “little” is not, by any means, a reference to stature – it is simply a term of endearment). I was very excited and made sure to tape it. Doesn’t it figure, though, that the cable reception was terrible and very grainy. But, I taped it anyway.

Hmmm, I don’t know what to say… I was disappointed that Jimmy didn’t really interview him. He only asked one question and JB gave a simple answer. I would have liked a real interview.

This was the first live performance I’d seen outside of what I’d seen on the Internet. I had high expectations. My thoughts on the appearance…? Hmmm, again, I don’t know what to say… Oh, I loved the song and he sang fabulously… magnificently… mmmm, perfecto… his voice was nice and strong last night. I know what you’re saying about now, “I hear a ‘but’ coming on…” Well, unfortunately, you’re right. Although I’ll be a fan forever – nothing will change that – I’m sorry to say that I was somewhat disappointed in the performance in general. I’m starting to see what the critics are talking about. And seriously JB, this does not diminish my feelings for you, but I think there is so much more you can offer as an entertainer. I think you really, really have great potential to be one of the greats. And you definitely are not a “one hit wonder” or a fly by night performer. I think you have much more in store for us, but it’s not there right now. And I’m not telling you to change who you are or anything like that because I really do like the new fresh music you are bringing the world. If you’re serious about being in this for the long run, you’re going to have to punch up the volume. Yeh, the girls are wild for you right now, but I fear the novelty will wear off after a while. Oh, you’ll have your core group of fans that will be devoted to you forever, but the mass popularity will fizzle and eventually fade away.

What am I talking about, you ask? One of the comments I’ve heard from critics is that you’re boring. Well, I wouldn’t actually call you boring, but you just stand there, strum your guitar and sing. And that’s all fine and good, but I envision a long term, lifetime career for you. “What the hell else do you expect from me!?” you ask? Here’s the way I see it… you are giving us an emotional, soul felt, passionate and supposedly personal story in song. The words say it. The music says it. But your body movements don’t convey any emotion. Kind of unemotional really. You don’t emote. The, what can be construed as a feigned, serious face doesn’t cut it. You say you’re actually not as emotional as everyone thinks and as you’re songs portray, but I think there’s more to you than you’re giving us. Maybe that’s all you’re willing, or able, to give us. I don’t know. Now, I’ve never seen you live and in person and I read somewhere that your live performance is fabulous, so I may be completely wrong on this, but I’m just going by what I saw last night and on the VH1 Live videos. And that’s what the mass public sees. Not the small, intimate venues. Maybe that’s all you really want, “I just need this stage to be seen.” But I think you want to reach as many people as you can. Actually, thinking about you in a small intimate venue feels more like something that would fit you… not that I can possibly claim to know you or what you really want. It’s just an impression I get.

Please, please do not take any of this as negative criticism. It’s creative criticism. I want you to succeed more than anything. I really, really do. You are a breath of fresh air in the stale music industry. Geeze, that is soooo cliché and trite! I love the fact that you won’t change to fit into some fufu industry standards they wanted to mold you into. Kudos to you! And that’s part of your appeal. So, please don’t think that’s what I’m suggesting. Not at all! We just need to see more from you when you perform, that’s all. We want the whole package… the words, the music and as close to the human touch as possible. You need to affect more of our senses. Oh, you’re one cute little morsel to look at, but humans need more than that. That’s only a temporary stimulation. They need that extra human body language to translate the true meaning of the word. Something that touches them on a deeper level. Something that goes beyond what the word can supply. Not one word needs to be spoken, yet a single body movement can speak volumes, striking someone right down to the very atoms of their being. Lightning striking! I think that extra little nuance will set your stardom in stone for all eternity. You’ve got everything else, just missing that little bit. If you’re going to be in front of the public on the big screen, or the small tube, you have to realize they’re two dimensional formats. You need to add that third dimension. Now, I’m not suggesting some big dance moves or the King’s gyrating hips. Not at all. It can be something very simple, but is universally translated by all humans. You are going for the human factor, aren’t you?

Just an observation from a devoted fan… XXXOOO


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