The Jazz Singer

A couple friends and I went out to a small, out-of-the-way coffee house Friday night.  A friend had heard there was a good jazz singer performing there.  It was really small and we almost didn’t have a place to sit.  They brought us some chairs from behind the counter.  There were maybe 20-22 people there.  It was just the singer and a keyboardist.  The singer was pretty good, but the keyboardist didn’t have a big repertoire, so for a couple songs the singer had him play a similar song to what he wanted to sing, or he just sang a cappella.  My friends thought he sang nice, but they were miffed that about 95% of his songs were in Spanish.  He would comment how sad, or romantic, a song was but we had no clue since we didn’t understand a word.  Oh well, still sounded nice.  We’ll have to check out what other performers they have there on other nights.  It was a nice cozy setting.  And a nice Friday night distraction… get my mind off… well, you know who (sorry, it didn’t work completely.  His songs were still playing in my head!  Ha!)

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