D**n, It’s Cold!

A couple friends and I were supposed to go to a Medieval Faire today… I have really been looking forward to this one and made sure I had my entire garb out and ready for me last night. Dagger all nicely peace bound… Tankard all spit polish and ready for gallons of mead… (she smiles at the thought!) I was especially excited because I was going to finally be able to wear the cape I bought myself a couple years ago. Being here in Florida, there aren’t many opportunities to wear the cape… just too warm normally. But, it’s been quite chilly here lately, so I decided I was most definitely going to wear it this time.

But, nooooo. Doesn’t it figure it rained last night and, of all days, today is overcast and terribly cold. Yes, it is cold! Freeze warnings… it’s cold. So, both my friends decided it was too cold to go… wimps! They don’t know true cold! For those of you in colder areas, you’re saying, “Yeah, right… it’s cold… BS!” Today’s high is supposed to only be 54. I’m sorry, but that is cold! I’m sitting here typing and I am freezing – my fingers are cold, my nose is all cold and runny, so that’s cold. Unfortunately, I’ve moved into a small little cracker-type house built in the early 1900s and it doesn’t have heat or a/c. I’ve got a little space heater going, but it just aint cuttin’ it! I want to curl up under my electric blanket, but then I couldn’t do anything else. And windy… it is very windy outside, which only makes it feel colder. And this place doesn’t have any insulation! So, I’ve got cold drafts flowing through the house.

Now, I’m originally from Chicago, so I know what real cold is… and what real wind is for that matter. But, I moved down here to Florida to get away from that. If I could live on some tropical island that was 78 degrees year ’round… I’d be in paradise! I can’t handle it when it gets below the 60s. At least I can say that this year my arthritis isn’t bothering me. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight over the past year and I think that’s helping tremendously… thank the gods!

I was disappointed that we didn’t go to the medieval faire, though, especially since I’ve looked forward to it since I heard a few weeks ago. And supposedly it’s a good one – another friend went yesterday and they said it was good. Oh well, the big one in Tampa is in a couple weeks and it goes for about 6 weeks, so that’ll be good. I love dressing up and being transported to a different place and time. I like being able to pretend I’m someone I’m not and not be looked at strangely or be out of place. Same reason I like Halloween! Soon, when I finish loosing the weight I want to… here comes the belly dancer costume. I can wear that for Halloween and to Ren Fests! If it’s not too cold, that is… brrrrr!

However, it turned out to be a pretty good day, despite the change in plans. I’d bought myself a bracelet several months ago, which is unusual for me. I’m usually not the kind to spend money on myself like that, but I really liked it, so I splurged. Anyway, I lost it about a month ago and have really missed it. I’d gotten so many comments on it. I’d searched the Internet for a replacement and had found it online but it was much, much more than what I paid. So, today my friend and I went to the flea market (where’d I’d bought the original bracelet) and, yeah!, the vendor was still there and had the bracelet! Only $30! (Told ya I was cheap and didn’t spend money on myself!) We started talking and I told him I’m researched it on the Internet and he was much cheaper than everyone else. He wants to setup an arrangement with me that I’ll sell his stuff online and get a 20% commission off everything I sell. I can set the price, so I can set how much I make. I told him I’d have to think about it because that’s a lot of work and I really don’t have the time right now. I work full-time and teach an art class part-time. I got his card and said I’d think about it. It’s a really tempting offer. I sure could use the extra $ too!!! Then I could afford tickets to see JB!!! I’m so upset that I’m never going to be able to see him perform in a small venue. By the time I’m able to see him, he’s going to be in huge stadiums with thousands of people. Such is my life…

Wow, I digressed there a bit (sorry, one track minded here… his songs are always playing in my head now, even while we listened to the jazz singer on Friday!). So, today ended up being a good day. And not going to the faire is also giving me the opportunity to start working on my taxes. Talk about money…. I’m getting a significant amount back… all going toward bills, though, so I really do need to get those started. I’m doing my own this year. I’m tired of hiring, and paying, someone else to do it for me. Hopefully, I’ll do just as good a job as a professional. And save more than 1/2 the $!

Well, I’m gonna end this now… I’m freakin’ cold!!! I’ve gotta jump under that electric blank for a few to thaw off before I continue!


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