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Just added a pic to one of my posts… (still learning how this works) I wonder why Beardy is hiding away in the back…? Just wondering…

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Watched JKL Video Again


I watched my tape of JB on Jimmy Kimmel Live again… (I’m still kicking myself in the arse for my comments on the performance) He did good. I don’t know where my mind was…? I just have to apologize again. Hope I didn’t offend you with the comments, JB. (Like you’re really ever going to read this… Ha!)

I watched the Love Monkey scene again too… I don’t know, there really is something that I don’t like about the way they did your hair… It’s just not flattering to you – it didn’t do you any justice.

Anyway, just a couple more thoughts…

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Love Monkey Thought

Okay, I just have to write this down as it’s been bothering me. JB… sorry, but I didn’t like the way they did your hair on Love Monkey. I like the dishevelled, carefree nature of your hair. They made it so straight and flat to your head. You’re very photogenic in your natural state. Someone needed to muss up your hair before the shoot. Then all would have been perfect…

Again, just an observation. Loved you anyway.

Hugs and kisses…

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I almost made it

02/09/06 6:07pm

Well, today’s my long day at work… I tried to make it the entire day without listening to JB. Here it is 6:00pm and I’m jonesing for some JB. Withdrawal pangs are horrible! Just went to his site and watched “You’re Beautiful” Ah, I feel a little better now. I think I’ll just pop the well-worn CD in now… It’s amazing what a JB fix can do for you!

Hugs and Kisses… (I think I like typing the words better than typing XXXOOO)

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JB on


Well crap! Flog me now! I knew I had to be wrong! I knew what I saw on Jimmy Kimmel Live wasn’t the real JB! I knew it! I just ran across a home video while he was in New York on Small venue… and he was exactly what I envisioned… perfect! Sorry JB! I take back everything I said. You just need to bring that in front of the big cameras… You got it going boy! Can’t wait to see you live someday. Even if I’m in the nose bleed section! When are you coming down to Florida?! You know, I’ve never stood in line, or camped out, for tickets before, but I’d be there days ahead of time to get tickets to see you! Luv ya! Keep it up! We want more from you!


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JB on Love Monkey


Okay JB.  Saw you on Love Monkey.  Not bad.  Would have liked more, but I’ll take it.  You did good.  Your mum must be proud of you!  We all are.  Keep up the good work.  Your label’s giving you good PR.  They’re doing good by you.  They sure are determined for you to hit it big in the American market, aren’t they?  You’re a lucky man!  Keep shooting for that dream!


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Editorial to original posting: I’m writing an editorial to my own post! I don’t want to delete the entry as it was my impression from what I saw on JKL, so it’s real and honest and… it was. I think it points out how critics might see JB if they take his performance at face value. I’m a devoted fan and I had these impressions, so I can only imagine how his critics could rip the performance apart. I already wrote a post flogging myself for this one, but I wanted to write a little editorial within this post too, just in case someone read them out of order.

I’ve been scouring the Internet again tonight… something that’s now become a daily routine (she blushes, shyly)… and have found a few videos of his live performances. JB… you are a great performer! I can not wait until I have the opportunity… the pleasure… nay, the honor to see you live and in person. I just hope that it’s not in some huge forum with thousands of other screaming women! I’d like to be able to see you in a smaller venue… which is where I think you shine brightest! However, I fear that will never happen. By the time you come close enough for me to see you, you’ll be too big and ALL of America will know who you are! Wish I could keep you to myself! But alas, that is not fated to be… you shine too bright to be bottled up like that…



Well, I saw my little singer/songwriter last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live (the “little” is not, by any means, a reference to stature – it is simply a term of endearment). I was very excited and made sure to tape it. Doesn’t it figure, though, that the cable reception was terrible and very grainy. But, I taped it anyway.

Hmmm, I don’t know what to say… I was disappointed that Jimmy didn’t really interview him. He only asked one question and JB gave a simple answer. I would have liked a real interview.

This was the first live performance I’d seen outside of what I’d seen on the Internet. I had high expectations. My thoughts on the appearance…? Hmmm, again, I don’t know what to say… Oh, I loved the song and he sang fabulously… magnificently… mmmm, perfecto… his voice was nice and strong last night. I know what you’re saying about now, “I hear a ‘but’ coming on…” Well, unfortunately, you’re right. Although I’ll be a fan forever – nothing will change that – I’m sorry to say that I was somewhat disappointed in the performance in general. I’m starting to see what the critics are talking about. And seriously JB, this does not diminish my feelings for you, but I think there is so much more you can offer as an entertainer. I think you really, really have great potential to be one of the greats. And you definitely are not a “one hit wonder” or a fly by night performer. I think you have much more in store for us, but it’s not there right now. And I’m not telling you to change who you are or anything like that because I really do like the new fresh music you are bringing the world. If you’re serious about being in this for the long run, you’re going to have to punch up the volume. Yeh, the girls are wild for you right now, but I fear the novelty will wear off after a while. Oh, you’ll have your core group of fans that will be devoted to you forever, but the mass popularity will fizzle and eventually fade away.

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Still Ringing in My Ears

Well, I tried to get away from my singer/songwriter today. Move on, so to speak. Ackkkk! No use. He’s blasting on my speakers right now! You know, he’s got a picture of a pill on his CD and it’s very befitting as he is definitely addictive! I’m hooked for life! I never want to come down from this high!

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