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This Blog Has Moved

Sorry, I’ve been forced to move my Blog to Bravenet services as I’ve been having problems with WordPress. Click the link below to go to my new blog.

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D**n, It’s Cold!

A couple friends and I were supposed to go to a Medieval Faire today… I have really been looking forward to this one and made sure I had my entire garb out and ready for me last night. Dagger all nicely peace bound… Tankard all spit polish and ready for gallons of mead… (she smiles at the thought!) I was especially excited because I was going to finally be able to wear the cape I bought myself a couple years ago. Being here in Florida, there aren’t many opportunities to wear the cape… just too warm normally. But, it’s been quite chilly here lately, so I decided I was most definitely going to wear it this time.

But, nooooo. Doesn’t it figure it rained last night and, of all days, today is overcast and terribly cold. Yes, it is cold! Freeze warnings… it’s cold. So, both my friends decided it was too cold to go… wimps! They don’t know true cold! Read the rest of this entry »

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My Admission


JB and the band

Okay, I think I feel confortable enough to admit that this blog is dedicated to my thoughts regarding James Blunt – the hottest entertainer on the planet! Tsssss… feel the sizzle?! For those of you that are JB fans, you understand my… yes, I admit it… obsession with the man! I can’t get enough of him. He makes me feel like I was 20 again! Oh, if I only was!

I may add other thoughts and comments to this blog along the way, but for right now JB is my only thought for a majority of the day, so you’ll have to excuse the single mindedness of this blog.

Hope my fellow Bedlamites appreciate this blog. We all sympathize when it comes to this addiction called Bluntitis.

A forever devoted Bedlamite!

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