I am fully aware of how crazy I sound with all these rants about JB.  So, I feel it necessary to explain that although I am stuck on JB like a skipping record, playing the same chord over and over, this is all for fun.  They’re just thoughts of fancy bouncing in my head.  I’m not the kind of crazed fan that would go from concert to concert, wearing a t-shirt with his picture on it and the phrase, “I love you JB!”  Ha! (a little mental thought of it just flashed through my mind! Hee Hee)  I hope to one day see him in concert, and I’ll buy all his CDs because I love his music, but I’m too old for much more than that.  I like the way his songs make me feel inside.  It’s all an internal thing.  The Internet, and thus this blog, are the perfect venue to express these cute little thoughts of fancy.  It’s just my online diary.  Things you’d only write in your diary that really don’t mean much more than that.  They’re just words.  Words don’t mean much without a supporting action.  That I’m sharing it with the world by making this blog public, doesn’t really mean much either as I’m doing it anonymously.  I don’t really even expect anyone to ever read this.  It doesn’t much matter if anyone does or not.  It’s just somewhat theraputic to write it all down.  So… my point being, don’t take this all too seriously.  I’m not, so why should you?  Just enjoy my thoughts of fancy…

…through my minds eye.

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