Welcome to Through My Minds Eye!

Sometimes my mind dreams up wild and crazy thoughts of what I wish the world was like. What I wish my world was like. Or just fanciful ideas in general. In the old days, before computers, I used to write them down on paper. Now, with life looming so urgently over me on a daily basis and time flying by as if being sucked into a great black hole, I haven’t found myself writing as I used to. I have thoughts flying through my head all the time. My mind is never quiet. They twirl around and around, bouncing off the insides of my skull, but never make it farther than that fleeting thought. I’ve had some changes recently in my life and have decided it time to write down some of those thoughts. They’re not going to be much, but they’re mine and they’re precious in that alone.

This site really isn’t for you, it is more for me, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Thanks for visiting.

Lady Vi

February 04, 2006

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