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The Tear

She stood at the edge of the abyss. The darkness below her feet swirled apprehensively down to nothingness. A deep sense of dread crept up her body, wrapping its greedy tendrils around her, squeezing ever increasingly tight. Its sharp claws dug into her tender flesh, ripping large gouges. Warm, rich red blood flowed slowly down the pale, silky white surface of her being. She lay her head back, her empty eyes up to the sky. The dull locks of her once golden hair cascaded down her gentle back. Her mouth open as if to speak a pleading prayer. Only a breath drained from within her body, a slow endless hissing exhale. A sole crystal tear rolled down her cheek and fell silently to the black soil.

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Taking It To The Next Level

Oh, I forgot to mention that today I finally bought the mini-stepper I’d been wanting to buy… didn’t spend money at the renfest, so spent it at Sports Authority instead… I’ve reached a plateau in my weight loss regime. The dietary changes I’ve made to my eating habits just aren’t cutting it anymore. Although I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, I’ve been stuck at the same weight for about 2 months now. It’s time I start the exercise part or I fear this’ll be as much as I’ll loose. We can’t stop now!

My house is extremely small – I bump my knees on the coffee table almost every time I get up from the couch! – so, I can’t have any large piece of exercise Read the rest of this entry »

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D**n, It’s Cold!

A couple friends and I were supposed to go to a Medieval Faire today… I have really been looking forward to this one and made sure I had my entire garb out and ready for me last night. Dagger all nicely peace bound… Tankard all spit polish and ready for gallons of mead… (she smiles at the thought!) I was especially excited because I was going to finally be able to wear the cape I bought myself a couple years ago. Being here in Florida, there aren’t many opportunities to wear the cape… just too warm normally. But, it’s been quite chilly here lately, so I decided I was most definitely going to wear it this time.

But, nooooo. Doesn’t it figure it rained last night and, of all days, today is overcast and terribly cold. Yes, it is cold! Freeze warnings… it’s cold. So, both my friends decided it was too cold to go… wimps! They don’t know true cold! Read the rest of this entry »

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Just added a pic to one of my posts… (still learning how this works) I wonder why Beardy is hiding away in the back…? Just wondering…

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The Jazz Singer

A couple friends and I went out to a small, out-of-the-way coffee house Friday night.  A friend had heard there was a good jazz singer performing there.  It was really small and we almost didn’t have a place to sit.  They brought us some chairs from behind the counter.  There were maybe 20-22 people there.  It was just the singer and a keyboardist.  The singer was pretty good, but the keyboardist didn’t have a big repertoire, so for a couple songs the singer had him play a similar song to what he wanted to sing, or he just sang a cappella.  My friends thought he sang nice, but they were miffed that about 95% of his songs were in Spanish.  He would comment how sad, or romantic, a song was but we had no clue since we didn’t understand a word.  Oh well, still sounded nice.  We’ll have to check out what other performers they have there on other nights.  It was a nice cozy setting.  And a nice Friday night distraction… get my mind off… well, you know who (sorry, it didn’t work completely.  His songs were still playing in my head!  Ha!)

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Watched JKL Video Again


I watched my tape of JB on Jimmy Kimmel Live again… (I’m still kicking myself in the arse for my comments on the performance) He did good. I don’t know where my mind was…? I just have to apologize again. Hope I didn’t offend you with the comments, JB. (Like you’re really ever going to read this… Ha!)

I watched the Love Monkey scene again too… I don’t know, there really is something that I don’t like about the way they did your hair… It’s just not flattering to you – it didn’t do you any justice.

Anyway, just a couple more thoughts…

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Love Monkey Thought

Okay, I just have to write this down as it’s been bothering me. JB… sorry, but I didn’t like the way they did your hair on Love Monkey. I like the dishevelled, carefree nature of your hair. They made it so straight and flat to your head. You’re very photogenic in your natural state. Someone needed to muss up your hair before the shoot. Then all would have been perfect…

Again, just an observation. Loved you anyway.

Hugs and kisses…

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I almost made it

02/09/06 6:07pm

Well, today’s my long day at work… I tried to make it the entire day without listening to JB. Here it is 6:00pm and I’m jonesing for some JB. Withdrawal pangs are horrible! Just went to his site and watched “You’re Beautiful” Ah, I feel a little better now. I think I’ll just pop the well-worn CD in now… It’s amazing what a JB fix can do for you!

Hugs and Kisses… (I think I like typing the words better than typing XXXOOO)

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My Admission


JB and the band

Okay, I think I feel confortable enough to admit that this blog is dedicated to my thoughts regarding James Blunt – the hottest entertainer on the planet! Tsssss… feel the sizzle?! For those of you that are JB fans, you understand my… yes, I admit it… obsession with the man! I can’t get enough of him. He makes me feel like I was 20 again! Oh, if I only was!

I may add other thoughts and comments to this blog along the way, but for right now JB is my only thought for a majority of the day, so you’ll have to excuse the single mindedness of this blog.

Hope my fellow Bedlamites appreciate this blog. We all sympathize when it comes to this addiction called Bluntitis.

A forever devoted Bedlamite!

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